Sir Samuel Baker’s Fort at Patiko

Sir Samuel Baker’s Fort at Patiko

Originally built as a military fort built by Samuel Baker in Patiko, this site is located about 30 Kilometres from Gulu.

The fort was essentially built as a slave collection center and was fully established by December 25th, 1872. Sir Samuel Baker took over the fort from 1872 to 1888 when he was sent on a mission by the Queen of England to stop the slave trade which was being carried out by the Arabs slave traders. The fort later became the headquarters for Emin Pasha and Gordon, the respective Governors of the then Equatorial Province of the British Protectorate.

Things to do in Samuel Baker’s Fort at Patiko

Explore the History of Samuel Baker’s Fort at Patiko

Witness some everlasting marks on the rock that testify to the slaughter of slaves who were thought to be unfit for travel or too unattractive for sale. You will also see across scratched into the rock is attributed to Lady Baker and a giant leap that illustrates the place where Samuel Baker would jump each morning during his exercise before breakfast. Notably, there are various divisions at the fort all of which were very instrumental to the Arab slave traders, they are;-
• The industrial area
• Courtyard
• Prosecution Chamber- by (firing squad/beheading)
• Concrete stores
• Administrative Chamber