Kidepo National Park

Kidepo National Park

Situated in the frontier region of Karamoja, Kidepo National Park is Uganda’s most isolated national park. It is also the most “wild” of all the game parks in Uganda. The savannah landscape is absolutely breathtaking and the view of the horizon is endless. The few who make the long journey north through would agree that it is also the most magnificent, for Kidepo ranks among Africa’s finest wildernesses.

From Apopka, in the heart of the park, a savannah landscape extends far beyond the gazetted area, towards horizons outlined by distant mountain ranges. If you are traveling from Kampala or Entebbe towards Kidepo, you can have a stopover at Well-Springs Hotel in Gulu for lunch or dinner and a fuel refill in Kitgum as the journey is a no walk in the park.

How to Get to Kidepo National Park

Kidepo can be reached by both road and air transportation methods. While Driving is rewarding, the road conditions are sometimes poor and a 4WD vehicle is very much essential. Most of the Karamoja region is made up of a vast and unspoiled wilderness. Ideally, most travelers from Kampala use the Gulu and Kitgum routes to get there having planned overnight stays either in Gulu or Chobe, near Karuma in Murchison Falls National Park. If you are planning to drive through to the park, consider inquiring from UWA Headquarters or the Apoka Lodge operator Wild places to obtain up-to-date advice about road conditions and identify the preferred route, particularly if considering an approach through Karamoja.

Things to do in Kidepo National Park

Exotic Game drive/Game viewing across the Park

Game viewing is the most common activity in this park as visitors are likely to encounter hundreds of buffalo’s, herds of elephants, enough zebra, and baboons. 4WD vehicles maneuver through the dirt roads that crisscross the southern and western parts of the park to make a memorable African wild safari. Guests can be walked by a tour guide right by herds of zebras, waterbucks, and Jackson’s hartebeests. At night they can sit outside and watch the stars come out, straining to make out the shadows scurrying across the lawn.

Spend a Night at Apoka Safari Lodge

Although it’s a big splurge, Apoka Safari Lodge is one of the most hospitable properties you’ll ever spend your nights in. The cabins are beautiful, the food is delicious and locally sourced, the service is fantastic and the lodge has a magnificent pool to relax and have a good time. Also, from every part of the lodge, you are very close to the wildlife. You can easily enjoy the views of tons of animals from the pool deck, including giraffes and elephants just moments away from the cabins.